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A cover up on Tribute Walk and Tribute Exclusive Night:

A cover up on Tribute Walk and Tribute Exclusive Night: first time a rural souvenir in the history of education in Sarpang Dzongkhag, in commemoration of 60th birth anniversary of our fourth Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuck.

             Leading my way: Tshewang Ngedup
Leading my way off from my rural school home ground to the centre of the Dzongkhag for tribute walk and exclusive night was something my children and I stood up for. My project didn't begin with big endorsements or budgets and it only began in the place frozen with time, with numerous call I had to be frequented with in earnest request for fund, with the little hope we had,  believe in ourselves that we can, the passion that we pursued and the small dream I shared for combined team effort. It didn't happen in one day or two and it took a series of months to get to this point of dream actualization. The journey through times has been adventurous pickled with fun and it taught me lessons beyond time.

 Today I stand tall and firm in front of the bus with my team on board in the bus for final destination and deep within I know what it takes to come to this point for the first time leading in my way. It takes everything when you are considered the beacon of hope for the team and it was way too never easy. Little hope, little dream, little pursuits and little best in us to be used for good is what life is all about. Never stop dreaming and whatever your thought conceives, you can achieve!


Taraythang Primary School, located in the extreme east of Sarpang Dzongkhag came into shape in the mid of year 2010.The civilization began when the new resettlements took their share of land. The place and the people are growing with time yet the distance and the difficulties still remains a hurdle. To a normal adult he/she would have to walk 4 hours, 5hours to get to this place separated in between by pugnacious and ravenous mow chhu (popularly known as mow khola). The students here live under isolation from the rest and there are many children who have never been to the nearest town, Gelephu. The educational outlook and their broader thinking perspectives have become a thing of concern to us, teachers. Located in the periphery of the bordering Indian town, Assam the people lives in constant fear of incoming insurgents and the need of instilling gratitude to monarchs and preservation of culture has become crucial. It calls for a time to unlock their ignorant minds because they are the citizen in the becoming. We firmly believe that the way we shape them determines their destiny.


Weighing up their torment of ideas in the midst of climbing wisteria stirred their blood. The perpetual synergy of the team is on tenterhooks nearing show time. Though they look whacked out, giving all ears to them made me believe that they are dynamic in their thoughts. The hungry eyes aligned against their inquisitive on looks are what it keeps the team up and running. This item festooned with national flag (not the national anthem though) will break the silence and steal the charm of tribute exclusive night. What is so different of this exclusive night is there will not be a superheroes or a superstars, celebrities or a cinema stars and all it would show up would be the true heroes who have fought the bitter colds of rural life. The one with the flag is the limb of my team and he too will take whatever it takes to get it done alike myself. These children are no different from the kids of townspeople. They do dream big, they do believe in themselves, they do believe they can, they do have fervent will to succeed, they do have purpose and focus and they do have plans to do big things in life. All they need is someone to pat, someone to push from back, someone to lead from front and tutelage every time. Be that someone. Be the change!

  Sunday Exclusives: gearing for a noble cause, preparations in progress; indeed will be first time a rural souvenir. The sun looked over the mountain rims and today is Sunday, a joyous daybreak to recline and rejoice. It was a well thought out, well invested and well spent Sunday with my innocent and little children. Teaching to them bounced back to me twice the learning from them. The unfathered circular movement of fans did ward off the searing heat and brought in a gust of air. Together we have been fighting long and hard for the noble move and I have taken my first step and I must carry it till the end. We are determined to mow down all obstacles, even the aching feet to make it happen. I had a whale of time with them and escaping a little from the world of work I slumped over my recycled wooden chair. It became an oasis for me every time to turn a little philosophical and gaze to the crepuscular view of the setting sun beyond the horizon. I then do some soul searching and ask myself, am I worthy of living?

Off in my noble pursuit: walking by the golden gate of San Francisco, not of comparable magnitude to it though. The dawn broke and the fireball woke up and rose above the never ending triangular mountains spreading its splendor and spark over the horizon. The trees seemed pasted against the hill and the multiplied number of birds tweeting heralded the opening of my sight to a whole new day. This bridge serve as a gateway for all the by passers to the main town and it is in this bridge i gaze to its height and length and speak within myself that human minds when intertwined can create wonders.

Weighing up their torment of ideas in the midst of climbing wisteria stirred their blood. The perpetual synergy of the team is on tenterhooks nearing show time. Though they look whacked out, giving all ears to them made me believe that they are dynamic in their thoughts. The hungry eyes aligned against their inquisitive on looks are what it keeps the team up and running. This item festooned with national flag (not the national anthem though) will break the silence and steal the charm of tribute exclusive night. What is so different of this exclusive night is there will not be superheroes or superstars, celebrities or a cinema stars and all it would show up would be the true heroes who have fought the bitter colds of rural life. The one with the flag is the limb of my team and he too will take whatever it takes to get it done alike myself. These children are no different from the kids of townspeople. They do dream big, they do believe in themselves, they do believe they can, they do have fervent will to succeed, they do have purpose and focus and they do have plans to do big things in life. All they need is someone to pat, someone to push from back, someone to lead from front and tutelage every time. Be that someone. Be the change!

You are cordially invited: All through my way to the Dzongkhag headquarter and leaving behind my little school 68 km afar, I have carried like my blood and piled like stack of coins, the invitation card neither complained of thirst or nor did it compromised with its hunger and sat compressed in my backpack. It started to get thinner as I made rounds in the thromde,Dungkhag,NGOs and offices in the dzongkhag, until I found none left in my bag. Thank you email for you made me possible to send this card to all 22schools of Sarpang Dzongkhag and some of the institutional heads. The card is simply designed with an underlying message of you are cordially invited.

My design materialized: The shirt and cap I have designed took me more than three months to come into shape. Here I am back in place to where my roots are grounded and getting ready for takeoff in the day break. At the moment am happy that everything is happening as planned. Thirty two students, five teachers would wear my designed cap and shirt while the six parents would be given a cap each. My design would travel with us to Sarpang and one designed shirt and cap would be offered to our chief guest Dasho Dzongda. My design would also go to my two sponsors, Tarayana Foundation and Menjong Foundation, for you two made it happen. Every time my children see this shirt and cap, they should remember the historic small walk they have undertaken, they should pay tribute to our fourth druk Gyalpo,they should mark themselves for being the first rural children to show up for exclusive night at Sarpang, they should understand that we can go beyond borders, they should learn to celebrate every small achievement, they should learn to share the common taste of being a Bhutanese and they should learn to lead the masses. Never did I design clothes up until now and always did I wear the clothes other people designed. There is feeling something worth special if you have had given your hand and heart.

 At the heart of Sarpang HSS: Away from my distant school, I and my two friends have reached SHSS for stage preparation. Feeling thankful to the Principal and staffs of SHSS for their support they have offered on this exclusive night. We are overwhelmed by their approval to grant us lodging and fooding for the team on board. It is going by my plan that 4th and 5th till afternoon would be used for stage makeover and duly return to school after lunch on 5th,only to start the tribute walk, the very next day on 6th.While I came to this school carrying a good will from my school, my mind is still on my children back school. The thought of them brings into me the journey they and I have taken and how many a Times I have taken their precious Saturday and Sunday, how many a Times I have made them sweat through practice, how many a Times I have been strict and particular, how many a Times I have shared that it's only uniting together that we can, how many a Times I made them realize that I am always there for them, how many a Times I repeated how important it is our responsibility as a team representing the school to make this tribute journey happen and how sacred and satisfying it is to lead and do things never done before. All I can say is you children are wonderful the way you are and you are creating a history by being the first rural children to show up for tribute night in Sarpang Dzongkhag. Our muscle works proved its worth. In any way I wanted this dar nye nga to be hung on the stage but did it required a lot of thinking over against the sky high ceiling.Eventually we conquered the height, so things are happening my way.

Open invitation: The first of its kind and never done before, the TPS is all set to show up for the small tribute walk and tribute exclusive night at the heart of Sarpang,first time a small rural souvenir. located in the extreme rural east of Sarpang Dzongkhag,it's a first time rural initiative in commemoration of the 60th birth anniversary of our fourth Druk Gyalpo. The tribute walk would entail a journey from Taraythang PS to Gelephu.The walk would begin at 7:00am from Taraythang PS on 6th of November and the team tribute walk would pass by Umling LSS,Chuzergang PS,Norbuling MSS,Serzhong LSS,Losel Gyatsho Academy,Gelephu HSS and Gelephu LSS up until Gelephu.The team would make a round in Gelephu town and then will board on Norbuling MSS bus to reach Sarpang.On the highway, it will drive pass Jigmeling PS,Dekiling LSS,Choekerling LSS Samtenling PS,Sarpang LSS and eventually reach Sarpang HSS.On the same evening the tribute exclusive night would begin from 5:30pm at the Sarpang HSS.

Hearty welcome: Umling LSS serve as the bypass and gateway to our school and it is the first closest school of nearly an hour walk from my school. Beautifully as its name Umling sound, located strategically on the hills of Umling festooned with a number of flora, the Principal,VP, teachers and staffs here too coexist in harmony with shared commonalities. It proved correct when my team tribute walk moved pass through this school, wherein the teachers led by the Principal and VP made a welcome gesture to our team. To them it was a small welcome gesture but to me it meant everything, it meant they are way too supportive for my first time initiative, it meant the two nearby schools share a special bond, it meant we coexist in mutuality, it meant we look up to each other as our closest reliable allies. Thank you UlSS for your team effort in making us feel at home, thank you for your kind wishes and words, refreshments and a token to my team for it helped to wet the dried throats of children and Fed moving words to nourish rural little brains of children. The scattered light rays from the sun forming a look alike rainbow arched our togetherness and it was befitting for the first endeavor.

Reaching the only autonomous school: Making our way through the woods of unending plains finally took my team to the only autonomous school,chuzergang PS.Mound like a heap of manure, it stands on hillock overlooking the popular and furious mow chhu. Home for the maximum resettlements in numbers, the school is flooded with children from these settlements. The initial few minutes of welcome for my team lifted our spirit in thoughts and continuing mission. The sight of the teachers and students in line from the gate to school, the sound of the sweetest word welcome Taraythang PS from the hearts of CPS family,the touch of the hands for handshake exchange, congratulatory messages and wishes was some of many things I marveled at and some of many things I was touched and inspired at to think over a little how worth my pursuit was. The welcome was accompanied by thirst quenching juices and water, mind nourishment speeches and messages from the teachers of CPS. I was also given an opportunity to speak to the students of CPS and it took me for a while to talk about how grateful we need to be to our monarchs, our fourth king and how best we should be utilized for good, how creative and dynamic in enterprise we should be as individual citizen, how should they invest their time in studies and how responsible should we be as a citizen to our king,country and people. Though we are distant apart we have always came together for a common cause resolving our differences and this shall further strengthen and continue in Times to come. Thank you CPS family, you gave us joy and reason to continue.

Grand reception at Norbuling MSS:As if like the barbarians entering Rome, like the superheroes entering the scene in Hollywood hits, like the samurai riding into village, like the Spartacus entering the amphitheatre, like the chief guest entering the arena of paramount occasion, like the return of the Warrior after the hard fought victory and the main protagonist entering the stage in some classic Shakespearean plays, the energy and the applause for reception of my team through the gate was something worth remembering. We never did feel important ourselves but never done move, tribute walk journey was all it took to get their eyes on us. It all began at the entrance of the gate with the Bhutanese style of Joenpa Joenpa,Legso with the offer of Tashi khadar from Principal and the way ahead was a avenue like the trees grown on either side of the road, the chain of teachers and students stood parallel in lines up until the MPH. We were showed way inside the hall and to our surprise we found the students and teachers seated in the hall for yet another welcome. The principal addressed the multitude gathering and highlighted our motive. The team on their request performed three items to which the crowds of students applauded their little younger brothers and sisters for their presentation.

Fully drained and exhausted, the sumptuous lunch from NMSS was all it got to get us going. The moment of togetherness was caught and the Principal floated information that one article on tribute walk would go down in their school magazine.NMSS, one of the top ten MSS school in Bhutan with excellent physical ambience and academic record gave its maximum able support to my team. The school bus, food and moral support are some worth mentioning and to this I on behalf of my team would like to extend our high regard for everything and down the line if do I require such help we would be counting on you. With many things said and done, here we come Sershong PS...

In the rush of our travels to Sershong PS: setting of an adventurous noble journey, we have always prided ourselves on confronting all journeys difficulties together. Having walked in the sun, my children were quite done up and the opening of the view of Sershong PS upon reaching the bank of Thewar Chu heralded a miracle that stirred a frenzy of mutinous excitement. The glow emanated from their face of having seen another school after having walked past Norbuling MSS. Trudging through the hill and skirting ourselves through the thewar chhu by stepping gingerly over the half sunk stones, the frozen eyes opened to the interiors of Sershong PS. Looking as if glued on the hill, the rows of multicolored flowers starked against the branches, number of prayer flags flapping in the air, line of trees casting shadow on our way till school, the seated students in rows and columns in the assembly ground and the teachers led by principal waiting with an already arranged chairs and tables marked a fitting welcome. Seated comfortably in the chair after exchange of pleasantries and handshakes, we had steaming cups of tea and snacks, water and juices that did calm our stomach. A welcome note address was given by a tiny little girl of might be class three or four and she was eloquent. She read a message on behalf of her school and few important lines did I caught. She said, today in our morning assembly our principal informed us that Taraythang PS would visit our school for a unique mission, tribute walk and tribute exclusive night. Today we are happy to met 32 new friends and we wish them all the luck and success throughout till Sarpang. She kept on spewing forth her good will messages and the turn was given to me by my Principal to speak few words to address the motive of our journey. As unprepared as I was, I moved my way to the podium and took a sight of all the attendees. It's been long time home coming and sershong to us have now become one of our homes of closest allies. Sershong have always stood for excellence and we are forever grateful for considering our unique mission worthy. Today the tribute walk and exclusive night finally came into shape after long hard preparations and practice. it continued for some time and eventually ended by saying I thank Principal,teachers and students on behalf of my team for you have considered my mission unique, never done before in Sarpang and befitting for the occasion.My children gave three performance as a token of friendship and gratitude. A vote of thanks was delivered by a teacher of SPS to which he said,such noble mission, first of its kind in the history of education in Sarpang shall also inspire them and others beyond to do such in the coming years, such unique programmes if made shall have place in their school and thanked the team for making way in their school. Then it struck a chord in my heart that how worth my pursuit was. An appreciation with wrapped envelope in along khadar was presented to our team to which we gave a big thank you sir for everything note. Many beautiful things have happened and I didn't want to let go off the moment. Click: a snap was taken, Thank you SPS family, for you gave us the most needed inspiration and the hope.

One e-mail that said it all: clicking on the inbox was the short explicitly heart moving message written from the Principal of Dechenpelri PS in reply to my invitation sent to the Principal and staffs of DPS on the exclusive night. Scanning my eyes through the words and the written lines, I found a reason to share, a reason to lead, a reason to pursue, a reason to continue until it gets done. Here it reads: Sir, thank you so much for your wonderful invitation. I know how much pain you took to make this dream come true. Today you are embarking on your journey of tribute walk. I know how much excited your children and teachers are to show their love, respect and homage our beloved 4th Druk Gyalpo. I join with you in heart and soul along with your team of dedicated teachers and brilliant students in this journey though I am not there physically. I offer my humble prayer to achieve your collaborative dream. May you have successful day ahead. Thank you sir for all your moral support all through the inception of the plan and I must say you are an empathetic and inspirational leader who truly understands the process bits by bits, blocks by blocks, clandestine by clandestine from the start till the end, who truly understands the enormity of test that lies ahead in doing first of its kind from the rural school to the centre of Dzongkhag, who truly understands the pain and the pressure, perseverance and passion one needs to be constantly attached to achieve the set goal. To many it may seem only a walk and the exclusive night, while deep below, the whole process up to culmination of exclusive night took months of practice, countless telephonic calls, numerous written proposals, many request applications and e mails on varied need topics, number of walks to and from school to the Dzongkhag and Gelephu, portrait painting and written banner inscription, preparations of items necessary in the programme list, organizing the plan and executing and the constant thought of how best my plan would work kept me occupied for all these times. To many though it may seem small, but it meant giving all I could to make a small history of being the first rural school to show up in the Dzongkhag headquarter. I complete it no matter what whence once begun and the moment I begin I simply become unstoppable. This has all took me to this point of small dream realization because I always prefer to lead than follow, do it than just say and lead for something new than lead for many things done every time. There is soul in doing things first. Thank you Principal Sir Lungten for your kind words and we are moving our way to the Dzongkhag.

Making our way through the business hub: we sped our momentum after walking past Sershong PS and eventually making way through the business hub, Gelephu along the roads of main town, fully dressed in designed tribute caps and shirts caught the eyes of passerby and pedestrians, shoppers and shopkeepers, drivers and the driven, office goers and onlookers, laymen and laborers, vagabonds and veterans, children and canary and the sea of people and vehicles in varying shapes, sizes and colors passing hurriedly along east, west, north and south of town are running after their own individual pursuit. They all did stopped for a moment to gaze at our tiny little team and did they lent their ears to the joyful beating of our musical drum lunging out happy 60th birth anniversary song, a tribute hymn to our fourth Druk Gyalpo. I could hear whispers and murmurs, could hear some people read tribute walk and tribute exclusive night, could hear some people call 6oth birth anniversary and my known acquaintances gave in their hands for congratulation for having took courage to come to this central focal point. With the portraits and banners held high against the sky, the team made rounds around the town and to the towns’ people; it did knock some sense of reminder about the selfless sacrifices of our fourth king. The sweats and water lost in the perspirations was eventually regained by a mouth refreshing juices from the TEO, Gelephu Thromde and the Principal of Gelephu HSS. Thank you sirs, you made us feel complete and I am forever grateful to your kind effort. Never of such noble walk passed through the streets of Gelephu and my joy knew no bounds for I have set the path first. Let my small effort to educate the people about the selfless contributions of fourth king be like the mighty flood of Nile poured from his fount  of Abyssinian clouds to fertilize the whole Egyptian plain.(imagination: wordsword)

Makers of History: Sarpang Dzongkhag

The bus engine thundered to signal the movement to Sarpang and the team on board took their seats. Driving through the high ways of Sarpang, it eventually reached the Sarpang Dzongkhag. The Principal, teachers and students of Sarpang HSS welcomed through the entrance of the school gate. We were lead to the MPH. The team tribute walk was fed tea and biscuits for energy revival. As the clock ticked near 5:30pm, the people began to swarm in like bees.

By 6:00pm the hall became packed like sardines in the tin. It was marked by the arrival of chief guest, sector heads and among the sea of crowds were students, teachers, civil servants and parents. They all seemed to be waiting for something never done before and could be called the makers of history in the Dzongkhag. The welcome speech by the Prncipal was followed by the key note address by the chief guest, Hon’ble Dasho Dzongda.It is first of its kind in Sarpang Dzongkhag from amongst the rural school, Taraythang Primary School have become the first school to host tribute walk and tribute exclusive night at Sarpang, the Hon’ble Dasho remarked. The tribute exclusive night unfolded with cutting of ribbon for opening the first tribute show by the chief guest, then cutting of cake with self composed happy 60th birth anniversary song followed with the tribute songs and dances, speeches and skits and lasted until 9:00pm.

The programme was warmly anticipated with cheers and applause and it did revitalize my energy to anchor the night as MC.


The clocke ticked 9:00pm and the exclusive night ended by a vote of thanks note by Mr. Tshewang Ngedup.

Highlight of the vote of thanks:

We have fought long and hard to come to this place. Tonight we have made a history of being the first rural school to host the tribute night at the heart of Dzongkhag. This wouldn’t have happened without the kind approval from the Hon’ble Dasho Dzongda, due help from the Dzongkhag Education officer, fervent acceptance from my Principal and teachers, support from the Sarpang HSS and Norbuling MSS, my children and parents of the children for giving me the much needed support for my plan and I am forever grateful.The tribute journey would have remained just a dream without the fund support from the Tarayana foundation and Menjong Foundation. I on behalf of my team convey our sincerest gratitude to these two foundations, for you made this happen.

Down the line, I do have a plan to continue my tribute journey next year with something bigger pursuits and I do hope I would be able to get the kind of support like now from all the aforementioned and beyond.

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What it takes to become a teacher? the words within:

As if i were a river,
the harsh age changed my course,
replaced one life with another,
and i do not recognize my shores.
I have thought this over when i joined this profession way back three years then and now i believe in what the ancient poet Hafiz said in an inspiring way,
this place where you are right now, god circled on a map for you.
Mysterious are the ways of life and we can never see what is store in for us tomorrow. We can only dream, we can only build a gorgeous castle on it. We may or may not own that castle, that dream but somehow the destination takes us to tomorrow we deserve.Teaching profession was once a 'tomorrow' made up of hopes and fears till it became 'today' once in life with challenges and preparations. But now it becomes the glimpses of 'yesterdays'. It becomes a journey taken once, left only and solely for contemplation and reflection. It becomes a rich library of experience to assist me to lead the life as future comes in the face of 'todays' and 'moments'.It was the 25th of february that i had something waiting for myself that i woke up feeling excited in a newly rented house and sent sms to my friends in other schools, wishing for the first day in the school. The adage written on one of the big posters in my room clicked on my mind, ''you never get a second chance to make a good first impression".Dressing in my best gho, socks and my shiniest shoes, making myself look alike garpas and grooming our coiffure simple and presentable, i walked to the school, trying to be the heroes with high self esteem and personalities.Every morning before entering the boundary of my school, i always became aware of myself and that is what mirrors are for. The most important things we can enhance are our hair and our dress and even our shoes. To this i have always worn the gho, shoes, socks and kept hair in the best way i could. I have always endeavoured to show my best to the students as i entered the class, modeling myself after the best teachers,writers and speakers whom i have met in my life.The moment i enter the class i begin to feel like a theatre hall where there are curious onlookers and i am the main protagonist.
Everyday the school starts with the siren of the gong at 8:00 am with the dawn of the bird songs heralding a perfect day. Everyday comes with openess of purity and opportunities to showcase our best potential to the students and only a lighted candle can light other candles and only an inspired teacher can inspire others.
The classes run full swing everyday as its usual ritual. Teachers are busy making meaning rather than merely striving for money. If we really want to see the busiest people in the society, they would be the dedicated teachers, health workers and the farmers. They hardly have a time to play small in life. To quote US secretary of education, ''teachers are the heroes of the classroom, who are on the front line day after day, week after week, dedicated to meeting the needs of each child in their classroom.'' Teachers are truly lost in the busyness of making meaning and the picture of our nation as an architect of the future. It taught me to live every moment with discipline and to grow up in learning to teach and teaching to learn."The universe is holding its breadth........
waiting for you to take your place".............
writes Jean Houston in amazing powerful lines above. It make us think that we all have roles once we enter the globe theatre of this planet. As we enter the theatre of education and school, we have the sacred roles to play. The roles of heroes like in Shakespearean plays, in famed classic romances and say like the heroes in the hollywood hits.
With an estimate of 7.18 billion people on the planet, we are individually made up of million of cells, 23 pairs of chromosomes, 50,000 to 100000 genes inside our hereditary material called DNA, with the 7 pH value of blood , yet we look so very different. So the role we have as a teacher to play has become a bit scary, uncomfortable and difficult. This role gives us choice every day, simple but never easy.
To all those great and an inspired teachers it doesn't really matter whether you are in the woods or in Washington, Laya or in London, Sakteng or in San Francisco, Taraythang or in Thimphu and all it matters is your passion to pursue, inspiration to instill and do the difference.
With many things experienced and learned, teaching has become a rich memory of life and
travelling across the journey of life, the traveller has to come to a halt in the evening.

I saw a dream and in it i was just .................................................